Cord Cutting & Spell Removal

Tailored consultations by Jan Gazard

Etheric “cords” form between people you are close to, including a spouse, parents, siblings, co-workers and friends that you spend a good amount of time with. Think of the cords as live wires, strings or ties connecting you to another person via your chakras, the seven centres of spiritual power in the human body.

Sometimes these cords form because of fear or distress, anger, lack of forgiveness, negativity or other emotions, and this energy travels back and forth via the cords from your chakras to the other person, and vice versa.

Cords can also form from less meaningful encounters. If you ever started the day in a great mood and then had a run-in with a negative person and felt completely drained after the encounter, chances are an etheric cord attached itself to you, and that person is siphoning energy from you.

Cutting cords are a great way of plugging this energy drain and getting closure on negative experiences with loved ones. Cutting cords does not mean that you are ending a relationship with a particular person or that you will lose contact. Removing the negative energy between two people actually allows love to form and grow in a healthy way. Cutting cords is not abandoning or divorcing a person, it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship.

Spell removal

Sadly, the world is full of negative people who project negative energy and, whether we like it or not, this energy will affect us at some point. These energies can take the form of curses. There are many types of curses, from everyday projected anger (like road rage, for example) to a purposeful curse from a professional, but all have an effect on your energy. Removing these are essential to gaining back a sense of peace and lightness.


  • Increased energy
  • A sense of peace
  • Release energy that is holding you back from new, positive opportunities
  • Release energetic ties to the past so you can move forward to the future
  • Improve any relationships you are involved in
  • Release pent-up, negative emotions that you have been suppressing and carrying around for some time
  • Participating in a spell removal session can remove a curse, jinx, negative intention or hex and will protect you from further negative energies




1 hour

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