DNA Activation

Tailored consultations by Jan Gazard

Our current physical DNA contains 2 strands that hold the genetic codes for our physical evolvement, however, there are an additional 10 strands that remain dormant until they are activated. When these dormant strands are activated they facilitate the development of our spiritual DNA.

Activating this dormant DNA allows you to access your Higher Self, hone your intuition and gain increased clarity around your life’s purpose. Kind of like discovering a secret power, the activation simply unlocks the potential that is already within you, buried in your genes. It also facilitates the release of emotions, beliefs and behaviour patterns that do not serve your life by replacing them with the vibrational energies of light and love.


  • Greater clarity and ability to “rise above” any drama
  • Release unfulfilling behaviour patterns and relationships
  • Unlock talents and abilities that may be yet unrealised
  • Increase in energy and vitality
  • Feeling of being stronger in areas of physical and mental health
  • Increase¬†utilisation of your inherent brain power
  • Enhance the connection to your Higher Self and spirit
  • Clear individual and family karmic patterns
  • Facilitate spiritual, physical or emotional healing
  • Assist with personal manifesting

At least 3 sessions with a time-lapse in between is necessary.




1 - 1.5 hours

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