Connecting you to personal growth, healing and awareness

Spiritual practices help us live healthier, happier lives

Connecting with Spirit enables you to understand your mental, spiritual and physical self.

This belief has led me to learn more about the spirit world, and start healing and guiding people. A harmonious soul and state of mind are essential parts of the complex puzzle that help us live a healthy, balanced, and content life.

The mind-body-spirit has a natural, self-healing capacity.
The healer simply plays the role of a catalyst.”

– Unknown

There are many pathways to healing

Spiritual healing enables you to work on negativity and dis-ease through mindfulness.

Some of these require counselling, exercise or medical attention, but spiritual practices augment and accelerate your healing and enlightenment. These include reikiworking with angelsaccessing BARSDNA activationscord-cuttinghouse clearing and drumming, just some of the services I offer.

No one heals anyone else. The healer does not “do” the healing. Spiritual healing is a journey that leads each person down a unique path that enables them to heal and protect themselves, and I hope to help you take the first step.