Crystal Karmic Cleansing

Tailored consultations by Jan Gazard

When we hold onto old hurts, arguments or attitudes to someone, it is always karmic. “They” did something or said something, or maybe “they” even had the power to ruin our lives in some way. We are hurt or resentful and we can’t stop focusing on what they did.

This is not a peaceful way to travel through life. Some people have grudges that are old issues, yet they are held onto as though they were still relevant. This is karma that, until resolved, will cling to us even into the next future life. We need to release it at some point and just move on.

Karma Release dissolves patterns that we have with certain people, institutions and life circumstances. It enables us to find freedom so that we do not repeat our restrictive patterns. Karma Release will set you free, and it will accelerate your personal growth.

The session involves a quiet meditation being played while you become comfortable and a gentle massage on each foot with crystals releases the stuck energy.




1 hour

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