Tailored consultations by Jan Gazard

In a nutshell, hypnosis is a form of focused relaxation that helps to bypass the conscious mind and get at the unconscious. Hypnosis is a gradual cycling down of the brain – you go into hypnosis not under, rather like daydreaming.

And that’s where the power lies. When you’re not paying attention to the conscious world around you, your mind drifts off and you’re free to focus on a single idea. That’s when you’re able to challenge and change any underlying beliefs that are not serving you well. And that’s when you can replace those beliefs with better ones. That’s what being in hypnosis is all about.

When you’re fully conscious, your mind tends to analyze everything around you. It’s on alert, constantly taking in information, busy dealing with whatever’s happening around you. Cycling down of the brain helps to remove resistance.

So, during this time, hypnosis practitioners attempt to assist you to change an existing negative behaviour into a positive. Hypnosis is just a tool that is used to bring about positive change. That’s exactly why hypnosis is an effective therapeutic tool. Hypnosis can assist you in adjusting attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

Hypnosis can be effective in treating*:

  • Smoking – 78%
  • Weight Loss – 71%
  • Stress/Depression/Anxiety – 79%
  • Phobias – 65%
  • Nail Biting, etc. – 80%
  • Anger – 72%
  • Abuse – 70%
  • Bedwetting, Fear of Darkness – 85%
  • Sleep – 65%
  • Motivation – 73%

15% of Adults are highly susceptible. 85% of children 6-12 years are highly susceptible.
*The figures calculated are based on actual clients treated by SAMHA.





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