DNA Activation Facilitator

Tailored courses with Jan Gazard

This training is very comprehensive and practical. It will include a comprehensive manual and an “activated” wand needed for the DNA procedures.

This course is only for persons who already have training for & have been practising with other energy modalities such as Reiki. Certification will be given upon completion.

In this course:

  • What is DNA activation and its importance
  • The multitude of benefits of DNA activation
  • Why our DNA was disconnected
  • Higher Dimensional healing energies now available
  • The varied components of each of the three DNA activations and how to perform them.

In addition, the following procedures will be included

  • Removal of entities, blockages
  • Breaking emotional ties, vows, promises
  • Central core balancing, elemental line balancing, magnetic line balancing
  • Clearing etheric blockages from auric field
  • Shoulder and Leg pin removal, Crown Cap removal
  • Lotus petal balancing
  • Meditating to connect with the Higher Self
  • Auric Layer healing
  • Working with Arcturian keys of healing and other inter-galactic healers


Individuals, Groups


3 X Half Day (9am – 1pm)

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