Reiki for Children

Tailored courses with Jan Gazard

In this interactive course, children will learn about the subtle energies that are all around them and how to use them for good. This course has been designed to be fun and interesting as children seem to possess a natural awareness of healing energies.

This course will honour each child’s perspective and present Reiki in a way they will easily understand. It is suitable for children from approximately 8-18 years.

Reiki Kids 1

  • What is Reiki and how did it begin?
  • Meditation to meet your Guardian angel
  • What are our “energy centres” (7 chakras)?
  • What are our “energy fields” (auras)?
  • Using “energy field detectors” (dowsing rods)
  • How to use Reiki in our lives—self-healing
  • Reiki 1 attunement

Each child will receive a Reiki manual, their own energy rods, a crystal and pouch, and a Reiki 1 Certificate of Attunement.

Reiki Kids 2

  • Revisiting their Reiki experiences since Reiki 1
  • Angel meditation
  • What is our 3rd eye?
  • Discussing the mental/emotional symbol and distance symbol
  • Reiki 2 attunement
  • Learning how to give Reiki to others
  • Practical session doing Reiki on each other

Each child will receive a Reiki manual, a crystal and pouch, and a Reiki 2 Certificate of Attunement.


Individuals, Groups, Children


1 X Full Day (9am - 3pm)

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