Animal communication and healing

Tailored courses with Jan Gazard

Communicating with animals is something that everyone can do… including you! For some people, the results come instantly, and they are able to start receiving messages after their first attempt, others have to develop their connection over time.

Both ways, practice is vital. Once you are more confident in yourself you can communicate with your own animals. There is no need to follow a complicated routine to be able to connect with animals telepathically, but you do need to be willing to put what you learn here in this course into practice. You will need to practice so you too can experience the great pride and joy of communicating with animals.

In this course:

  • Basic steps of Animal Communication
  • Importance of careful naming your pets
  • Changing animal behaviour
  • Attitudes toward and how you speak to your pets
  • Importance of keeping your pet informed of your absence
  • Ways to scan your pet to ascertain illness or injury
  • Animals who wander or are lost
  • Use of energy healing and crystals with animals


Individuals, Groups


1 X Half Day (9am – 1pm)

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