Ascension into the 5th Dimension with Angels

Tailored courses with Jan Gazard

Ascension is the awakening that humanity is going through in this new decade by evolving to a Higher Dimension of reality. Humans globally are expanding in consciousness with will take us to the next level of our evolution.

Souls used to reincarnate on earth to just grow, but now, more humans are realizing they have come to help assist earth and the betterment of humanity. Once we are in touch with our soul’s journey, we can then put our gifts into action.

This path is being embraced by many individuals, regardless of their religious tradition as they become open to becoming living vessels for love, truth, beauty, compassion and understanding on this planet.

New realms of Angels have now become available for your ascension process. These Angels hold the frequencies of the spiritual attributes you most need so you can live in harmony with the increasing energies of these precious times of awakening. When you ask for their help, these empowered Angels fill you with the Divine Light that offers the blessing you most need in every situation.

In this course:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the Ascension process we are experiencing in this new decade
  • Be given guidelines & helpful tips for living in these times of Ascension
  • Gain a greater understanding of the Christ/Buddhic Consciousness
  • Who were “oracles” and what are oracle cards
  • Be given a set of 22 Angel Cards that you can work closely with for understanding and guidance in the future


Individuals, Couples, Groups


1 X Half Day (9am – 1pm)

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